A new paradigm for informed consent

All in one tool

Signum provides patient education and obtains patient consent all in one convenient iPad app. Displaying high-quality videos and animations, Signum gives an easy to understand, yet comprehensive description of the medical procedure a patient is about to undergo. It explains the risks and benefits of the procedure and generates a standard consent form which then can be edited by the physicians should further customization be necessary to address any patient specific needs. Once completed, patient and doctor digitally sign the now individualized Informed-Consent form, which is archived into EHR or sent to a printer.

Saves medical staff time

Signum is self guiding, easy to use and as it does not require medical staff to be present, frees up medical staff time. Signum guarantees, that each patient will be fully informed as human error or omission is eliminated. Signum is a legally-binding method of securing and documenting a patient's informed consent that resonates well with hospitals and insurers.

Patient Centric

Signum does not replace the patient/doctor relationship! After reviewing the information provided by Signum, patients will speak to their doctor. Since Signum has addressed most of the basic questions, it affords patients the opportunity to ask more individualized questions before signing the form.

Perfect for Clinical Studies, too

Signum is well suited for clinical research, where patient recruitment for a clinical trial heavily depends on how well potential participants understand the study along with its inherent risks and benefits. Signum's customized video and animations are excellent tools to explain even complex information in easy to understand and accessible terms. Furthermore, Signum allows for easy updating a consent form if so required because of protocol amendments or revisions in studies and clinical trials. Signum is recognized, accepted and appreciated by IRBs.

Video is worth a million words

Explaining the details of a clinical study

Showing what to expect during a Food Challenge

In summary:

  • Provides patients with a detailed, comprehensive description of procedures required within a clinical study/trial.
  • Can be generic or highly customized for a specific hospital/department.
  • Displays HD quality video and animation housed on an iPad.
  • Content can also be pre-viewed on the web before a procedure.
  • Ensures that every patient receives the same vetted information.
  • Multilingual capacity serves patients and eases strain on hospital resources.
  • Patient-centric approach leaves patients with a positive impression.
  • Directly links education with informed consent.
  • EHR systems and Signum are perfect partners (meaningful use).
  • Once signed, consent form can be printed or archived directly into EHR.
  • Front-end loading through EHR of patient data saves time.
  • Back-end archiving of signed consent forms is efficient and secure.

Doctors say...

In contrast to EHR’s…I am not aware of any good coupling of educational content with collecting consent. Signum really does that…it puts your mind at ease in terms of Risk Management around procedures.

Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD
Director of the Food Allergy Center
Massachusetts General Hospital for Children
Boston, MA

Feedback from our study patients suggests that they have a much better understanding of what they are going to participate in than they would have had if they just read words on a page...they can see what it will be like to partake in the research.

Dr Andrew Taylor, PhD
Director of the Cardiovascular Research Laboratory
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Boston, MA